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Aperitivo with Friends


Forget everything you know about vodka, those rules don’t exist here. We don’t believe vodka needs to leave you pucker-faced. You shouldn’t have to gulp down to a chaser after taking a sip. You should be able to enjoy the taste without adding twenty-seven other ingredients to mask the bitterness. 

Using new patented technology, we transformed the vodka making process to make vodka it’s best version of itself.

no taste
no smell
VODKA in disguise

When all the other vodka-makers decided to get together to ensure their vodka left that harsh taste in your mouth, we decided we wanted to go our own route.

We ditched the herd to make a better tasting spirit:



like a UNICORN

like YOU

Here at UNherd, we celebrate the real ones. The authentic ones. The risk takers and thrill seekers.


It’s easy to follow the pack and blend in. It’s comfortable there. Real growth occurs when we step out of our comfort zone and make that scary leap of faith.


It takes grit to know when its time to leave the herd and do your own thing.


We know this, because we did just that.

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